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The Mark Obama Ndesandjo Foundation Limited is a charity which promotes the education, development, understanding and valuing of diverse classical and modern art and music, particularly among the young and the disadvantaged. A portion of profits from Mark’s music recordings and book sales will also contribute to the fund.  in Hong Kong, we are registered under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap.112) and donations are tax-deductible. From time to time,  we will partner with other organizations who can offer tax benefits on a case by case basis. The Board of Management comprises 5 Councillors (including the Chairman) who meet annually and are consulted on proposals and fund solicitations.


    The Foundation builds on Mark Obama Ndesandjo's personal experience and proven track record of over ten years working with orphans in China. Its unique focus is sharing art with children as well as other disadvantaged kids to help build a global community.

    The Foundation develops art opportunities for young people, complementing work study and language initiatives already underway in China, Kenya and America, all within an integrated framework.


    The programs aim to link global communities based on active participation of Foundation members, corporations, the public and relevant government institutions.


The Foundation's Goals


Note: Some of these projects are pending and depend upon future support of individuals, organizations and local communities. As such they map out the ideal goals of the Foundation.


Art Exhibitions Benefits to Help Artists
We promote calligraphy and art exhibitions to bring attention to cultural heritage. Help needy and established artists find buyers for their work, by offering a venue or opportunity to share with a broad audience.
Art Scholarships for talented, needy students Develop youth orchestras

A committee will manage and award scholarships at local and foreign universities or art schools for talented students annually or bi-annually.

This initiative encourages children to not only make music, but also work as a team.
Music Concerts Book Launch
Give concerts in tandem with other artists in China and abroad.
A portion of the profits from Mark's books 'Nairobi to Shenzhen' and 'An Obama's Journey' will go to the foundation.
Piano+1 Program Student Mentor Program
To provide at least one piano to each poor and underserved schools and orphanages globally, starting in China. To share American talent with mentor children in return for room and board and local stipend.


Board of Management


Born in Kenya and a fifteen year resident of Shenzhen, People's Republic of China, Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo is an accomplished American pianist, writer, artist and businessman. He is Adjunct Professor of Arts and Media at Beijing Normal University and has a BSc. Physics (also completed BA math requirements) from Brown University, an MSc Physics from Stanford and an EMBA from EmoryHe is an HSK L7 (advanced) Mandarin speaker and writer, and an avid brush calligrapher. 
His business advises investors aiming to link Asia, Africa and the USA, using over 25 years of communications and international branding experience gained as a senior manager at Lucent, Nortel and other companies.
In addition to his first book, Nairobi to Shenzhen, he has completed a memoir, An Obama's Journey, and published 3 piano CDs, The Untimely Ones, Night Moods and his own composition Reflections on William Blake. His current projects include translating to English the complete works of Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin. Mark has been regularly volunteering piano lessons to orphans in and around Shenzhen since 2002. He is Shenzhen's Volunteer Image Ambassador and China's Special Olympics Image Ambassador, as appointed by the Chinese government. Mark is also Image Ambassador for the France-China Cultural Forum.  Recently he established the Mark Obama Ndesandjo Foundation Ltd for cultural exchange, whose goal is to bring art to youth and the disadvantaged.
About the Novel
The protagonist, upon arriving in China in the wake of 911 and the onset of a terrifying global war, is forced to confront his early experiences in Kenya and the United States as a result of his growing love for a beautiful Chinese woman and a young orphan. Parallels between his own upbringing and the potential family that lies before him lead to questions about his true identity, the complexities of his multi-racial family and the relationship he had known with his father. 15% of profits from book sales are donated to help disadvantaged children.